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Parking Information

Making parking accessible to the campus community.






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  2. Parking Information Kiosk
  3. Parking Permits
  4. Parking Regulations and Parking Lots
  5. Parking Space Availability
  6. Parking, Traffic & Commuter Information
  7. Parking & Traffic Tips for Students
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  9. Van-pool
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Enterprise Rent-a-car

San Diego State University has entered into a three-year contract with Enterprise Rent-a-car. SDSU faculty and staff may, at excellent rates, rent vehicles for university-related business or personal use. See the Accounts Payable, Enterprise Rent-a-Car web page for details.


Parking Information Kiosk

If you are visiting campus for the day, you may obtain information on where to park and what permit is needed from our Parking Information Kiosk/Booth, located off College Avenue at I-8, in front of the Chemical Sciences Laboratory. They are open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. For more information see Parking Information Kiosk Page.


Parking Permits

For information about parking permits, costs, the location of lots and structures that you may use, parking regulations and enforcement, see Parking Permits, Frequently Asked Question, or contact the Office of Parking Services at 619-594-6671.


Parking Regulations

The symbols on all parking lot and structure signs represent the permits that are valid in that lot or structure. The color of the symbol corresponds to the permit color and type. Parking permits are required at all times, even when school is not in session. There is no grace period. Permits may not be altered or counterfeited in any way. Guest permits may only be used for guests of the University, they may not be issued to Faculty, Staff or Students at any time. Guest permits must be written in ink and have the date clearly visible. Permits are non-transferable and may not be shared. You must have your permit clearly displayed at all times. If it is down in the dash, not visible on the rear view mirror, or on the passenger side window or dash you will be cited. Pay machine permits are valid in visitor and student lots only.

Parking Lots

See campus maps for lot locations.

Student Lots (Day use only) — A, D, E, X, and PS 1 (L4-L5)

Overnight parking is not permitted. Student permits are required at all times from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Student parking is permitted after 3:30 p.m. in PS 1, on all levels excluding spaces marked “SP.” In addition, students may park after 3:30 p.m. in G Lot, excluding spaces marked “SP” and “Vendor.”

Student & Overnight Lots (24 hours) — C, T, U, V, PS 3, PS 4 (L3-L8), PS 5 and PS 6

Overnight parking from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. is permitted, with an overnight-type permit. Any student lot not listed above is “No Parking” between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. Vehicles without an overnight parking permit must purchase a visitor overnight permit from a pay permit machine to park between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. If you need an escort to and from the lots, call the Public Safety Escort Service from any emergency/duress telephone, located in these lots.

Faculty / Staff Lots — F, G, X, PS 1 (L1-L3 and L6), PS 2, PS 4 (L1-L2), PS 5 (L2), and PS 8

F/S permits are required at all times. Faculty and staff may park in student lots and in SP 700 and SP 800.

Visitor Pay Permit Machine Lots — Parking Information Booth, H, M, Q, R, W, PS 4 (L8), PS 5 and PS 6

Machine pay permits are required all 24 hours in these lots. Pay machine permits are valid in student lots, but not in F/S lots. A visitor's vehicle displaying a disabled placard, disabled plate, or a temporary H/C placard issued by DMV is valid in lieu of machine pay permit in pay lots only, unless we have a special event and are collecting payment for parking. Students, faculty and staff may not park in H, M, Q, or R Lots. H lot pay machine is only valid for 15 minutes and M lot is only valid up to 2 hours. All other machines are valid up to 8 hours at $1 per hour. For guests staying overnight, pay machines located in CSL, PS 4, 5, and 6 provide the option of overnight and weekend permits. The overnight permit when purchased is valid until 10:00pm the next day. The weekend permit is valid until Sunday night at 10:00pm.

The permits are only valid in the structure where purchased. The overnight/weekend permits purchased at the visitor pay machines are valid in any student overnight lot (C, T, U, V, PS 3, PS 4, PS 5 and PS 6).

Disabled Spaces are located in Lots — C, F, H, K, M, N, P, R, V, W, X; PS 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8; and the campus core

Permits are required at all times. A disabled placard, disabled plate, or a temporary disabled placard issued by the DMV are valid in visitor lots in lieu of a visitor pay permit for VISITORS ONLY. All other H/C spaces in lots, structures and on campus require the above DMV issue with a current SDSU permit to be displayed. Students and F/S are required to display a current SDSU permit with their DMV placard or DP plate.

Motorcycle Lots - A, C, E, F, N, U, W, and PS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8

Motorcycles must park in motorcycle stalls only. They will be cited if parked in vehicle stall. Permits are required at all times. If you purchased a vehicle permit, you are entitled to a free motorcycle permit. Bring in both vehicle and motorcycle registrations to the Office of Parking Services, showing that you are the registered owner. For those of you who wish to use machine pay permits, please visit Aztec Shops and inquire about the M/C and convertible permit lock.

Red Curb and Fire Lane / Hydrant

No parking at any time.

Service / Vendor Zones

Permits are required at all times. Short- or Long-term business permits are only valid for one hour in S/V, then valid for the remainder of the same day in Student, F/S, and SP 500. Service / Vendor permits are only valid in designated S/V for the time stated on permit.

Special Permit Areas

Campus core, lots and parking spaces painted white with a designated SP number. Permits are required at all times and must be displayed with a current SDSU permit.

Non designated Areas

Any area not designated by a marked stall is considered un-designated and will result in a citation; a “No Parking” sign does not have to be present.


Parking Space Availability

Typically, parking is more difficult in the first two weeks of classes. Buying a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space. Parking is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, so remember to arrive on campus as early as possible, especially during the first two weeks of each semester. There is no formal “grace” period. Parking regulations are subject to enforcement at all times.


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Parking, Traffic & Commuter Information



When commuting to campus, follow these helpful tips:

Those arriving at SDSU for morning classes are encouraged to use Fairmount Avenue or 70th Street exits from Interstate 8. If you arrive after 8 a.m., plan on parking east of College Avenue. Traffic during peak hours will be congested.

Arrive early and consider alternative transportation such as public transit, carpooling or biking. Join a carpool at Zimride or iCommute. Take a bus or trolley, see Metropolitan Transit System.

To avoid traffic congestion and grid-lock on College Avenue, take Montezuma Road to Parking Structures 5 and 6. Daily visitor parking will be available in Parking Structures 5 and 6. Parking permits are required at all times for all vehicles on campus.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

SDSU in partnership with ECOtality have added EV charging stations throughout campus. Membership with ECOtality is required and can be obtained by visiting: Blink Network.   A SDSU permit is still required when utilizing EV spaces. Those spaces located in F/S areas require a F/S permit.


Car2Go is a car sharing network that we are pleased to announce is now on campus with six charging stations in G lot.   If you are interested in becoming a member you may do so by visiting: Car2Go.  Permits are not required if a Car2Go vehicle is in the designated Car2Go charging spaces or in any student surface lot.


Zimride is SDSU's social network for ride sharing. Split the costs by driving fellow SDSU community members and protect the environment. Membership is free. All SDSU staff, faculty and students with a campus email address are eligible to sign-up for our private Zimride Rideshare Community.

SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) also offers the iCommute program, which is free to all students, faculty and staff. You do not need to own a car to participate. You will be matched with other who live near you. Log on to the iCommute web page and you will be directed to "RideMatcher". Just sign up and start saving.

If you are officially registered with Zimride or iCommute there is only a need for one parking permit for all those in the carpool. So you not only save time and gas, but you save more money and can share the rights to the parking permit (You must be officially registered and be able to provide the names of those matched through these programs).

SDSU offers some benefits for faculty or staff who may want to carpool but do not want to join Zimride or iCommute. For more information visit our carpool page.


Commuting to campus by bus is a safe and convenient alternative to driving your car. Bus schedules are posted at the SDSU Transit Center and at the Aztec Student Union Information Booth. Bus schedules are also available by calling 1-800-COMMUTE or by visiting the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System web page. Discounted monthly transit passes are available to students at the Viejas Arena Ticket Office. For more information or pricing go to Viejas Arena web page under the "More Services" menu bar.


A trolley extension project now connects east and west routes at SDSU. View trolley schedule and information.

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Bikes and Skateboards

Skateboarding is prohibited on campus, and tickets will be issued by University Police to those violating this regulation. Bike riders may use regular roadways or where designated on campus. You must walk bikes to bike racks if they are not in designated biking area. Park in bike racks only. If you park in a path, a doorway, or against a standing barrier other than a rack, your bike may injure the blind, disabled, or others and may result in your bike being impounded.

You are encouraged to have your bike licensed by the State of California by taking your bike to the University Police Front Desk, located in the Public Safety Building. Always lock your bike when you leave it. Bike locks are available at the Aztec Shops Bookstore. Review the publication, “Lock Your Bike [PDF]" for details.


Parking & Traffic Tips for Students

See Parking & Traffic Tips, Frequently Asked Questions. Topics include transportation options, parking availability, and alternate routes to campus and which lots to avoid during peak times.


Red & Black Shuttle

A free shuttle service connecting the campus core with its outlying parking lots. Operating Monday through Thursday, from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m., two vans run continuously, each one completing a loop about every 15-20 minutes. For more information, see the Red and Black Shuttle page.



The San Diego State University Van-pool Operation is one component of the University's broader “Rideshare” Program. This voluntary program provides SDSU faculty and staff, the opportunity to rideshare with other SDSU employees living in communities in close proximity to one another. In providing this opportunity, SDSU is committed to the highest standards of service within the University’s fiscal ability.

The Van-pool Program is administered through a contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Corporation working closely with the SDSU Van-pool Coordinator at University. Your SDSU Coordinator can be reached by telephone at (619) 594-6671, or email Janie Guerrero at


Visitor Parking

Visitors may park in any pay lot or student lot with a pay permit. Pay permits are $1 per hour for a maximum of 8 hours; (H lot you may only park 15 minutes and M lot you may only park for up to two hours maximum). Visitor lots are represented by a yellow P on the lot or structure sign. There are a total of 15 pay permit machines on campus. All pay machines accept VISA and Master Card payments except H lot. These machines are located at: the Parking Information Booth, M, Q, R and W lots, Parking Structure 4 level 8, Parking Structure 5 levels 1 and 2 on the north side, and Parking Structure 6 levels 1 - 3. Visit the Parking Information Booth located at the Chemical Sciences Laboratory building if you have any questions. During non-business hours, direct inquiries to Public Safety Dispatch at (619) 594-1991.

The pay machines in the structures only sell overnight and weekend permits for guest staying on campus. The permits are only valid in the structure where purchased. The overnight/weekend permits purchased at the pay machine at the Chemical Sciences Building next to our Parking Information Kiosk are valid in C lot only.

See campus maps for lot locations.


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