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Parking Permits

Frequently Asked Questions & General Information

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  1. Where do I buy a parking permit?
  2. How much do they cost?
  3. How do I use the parking permit?
  4. How do I replace a lost or stolen parking permit?
  5. Which lots require parking permits?
  6. Where can I park with this permit?
  7. What are the different types of parking permits?
  8. Contact Information & Resources?

Q1: Where do I buy a parking permit?

A: State law requires that you obtain a parking permit to park on campus at all times. Parking permits are available from Parking Services or Student Account Services throughout the year. They may also be purchased at the Aztec Shops Bookstore at the beginning of each semester. For daily permits, visit the Parking Information Kiosk Page. If you have left your permit at home, ask for a temporary daily permit, available at the Parking Information Kiosk to faculty/staff only. You will need to show your faculty or staff ID to process your request. If students forget a parking permit, they may purchase a visitor permit or request a permit through Parking Services. Temporary pay machines are located around campus in the event you arrive after business hours or choose to buy a short-term permit.


Q2: How much do they cost?

A: The cost of a permit varies depending on type. Student permits, per semester are $135 for day use only permits. Parking Services or Student Account Services sells student, faculty, and staff permits throughout the year. Students may save time by buying their permit when paying registration fees. See the Class Schedule for more information. Students who live on campus in dorms and residence halls must buy day and overnight-permits. These cost $213 and may be purchased at Parking Services or Student Account Services.

Vendors and contractors on campus more than one hour must purchase a parking permit. Cost varies depending on the duration of the permit. The monthly rate is $44, weekly is $11, and day passes are $5. Monthly and daily business permits may be purchased at Parking Services. Only daily permits are sold at the Parking Information Kiosk Page.

Don’t be duped! Never buy a permit from anyone other than Parking Services, Student Account Services or Aztec Shops. Displaying a photocopied, counterfeit, fraudulent, or altered permit at any State of California parking facility is a crime. You risk a $350 fine for forgery. Remember that parking permits are non-transferable, valid only to the individual who purchased it. The only exception is a carpool permit, which may be shared among the members of a car-pool. Contact the Office of Parking Services for more information.


Q3: How do I use the parking permit?

A: Parking permits must be permanently affixed to the driver's side lower front windshield, review mirror or affixed to the left front fork on motorcycles and mopeds. Vehicles will be cited if the permit is not clearly displayed in the proper location. Temporary permits must be written in ink and never written over or changed.


Q4: How do I replace a lost or stolen parking permit?

A: As the cost of permits rise, so do parking permit thefts. To guard against theft, carefully follow the instructions on the tab of the permit when affixing the decal to your vehicle. Remember to lock your car doors and windows, as permits are a source of theft. If someone steals your permit, contact Parking Services immediately at 619-594-6671 to report the crime. Stolen parking permits will be replaced free-of-charge, provided you have filed a police report with University Police, have demonstrated that your permit was properly displayed, and can show physical evidence that it was in fact stolen. If you lose your permit, you will be required to purchase a new permit.


Q5: Which lots require parking permits?

A: Permits are required in all lots, structures, and the campus interior at all times. This includes Faculty/Staff, Student, Visitor, Service/Vendor, Disabled, and Special Area spaces. If you are a guest who needs to park overnight, you may purchase an “Overnight Parking” permit from Parking Services or Student Account Services for temporary guests. You may park only in lots that display the symbol on your permit. Visitors and guests may purchase day permits at pay permit machines, located in parking structures and outdoor lots after business hours. The pay permit is valid in student and/or visitor lots only. You can also purchase overnight permits from the visitor pay permit machines located at (Chemistry Science Laboratory, PS 4 (L8), PS 5, PS 6, and W lot.)


Q6: Where can I park?

A: Park only in areas specifically designated for your permit. Do not park in areas that are not clearly designated as parking spaces. If you park improperly, you will be cited, booted, or towed at your expense. Staff is available to answer your questions, concerns, or make arrangements if you should have any special needs at 619 594-6671. If you suspect your vehicle was towed, contact University Police at 619 594-1991.


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Q7: What are the different types of parking permits?

A: There are eleven types of parking permits, based on one's association to the university. Cost varies, depending on permit type and duration that it is valid.


All temporary permits come in Type 1 or 3. A Type 1 permit is valid for one-day use only, which is noted on the permit in ink. A Type 3 permit is valid for multiple consecutive dates. The Type 3 permit will have a start and end date on the permit in ink.


SDSU departments and auxiliary organizations may purchase an advance supply of guest “Faculty/Staff” parking permits. Permits purchased through this process are for guest use only, allowing visitors to SDSU to park in “Faculty Staff” lots. These permits cannot be distributed to faculty, staff or students. Violations may result in the suspension of authorization to purchase these permits. Permits may be purchased for the following: daily, weekly, semester, “no cite” (M-F), and “no cite” (Sat/Sun). SDSU Advanced Parking Request Form [PDF]. Guest permits may not be written in pencil and may not be altered or changed in any way.


There are three different F/S permits available: 10-month payroll deductible permits (Valid for only ten months out of the year: August 15 - June 15), Twelve-month payroll deductible permits, and Semester permits. Payroll deduction permits must be obtained at Student Account Services, replacements semester permits can be obtained at Parking Services. Winter break requires both the preceding fall and subsequent spring permit. F/S permits are valid only in F/S, 700 and Student lots.


Faculty members who have Adjunct status may purchase a semester permit at Parking Services or Student Account Services.


Faculty members who have officially retired with "Emeritus" status may obtain a free yearly permit at the Office of Parking Services with a valid emeritus identification card. The emeritus permit is free unless the individual is participating in “FERP.” Retired faculty or staff of 20 years may receive a free parking permit for up to 12 months unless the individual is participating in “FERP” or is an annuitant.

The employee must obtain an SDSU Emeritus ID card from the Aztec Card Office and request the permit through Parking Services.


Student permits are available for each session. These permits are valid in Student lots only from 6:00a.m. to 1:00a.m. Student permits are valid in G Lot and PS 1 (all levels) except SP areas after 3:30 p.m. and on weekends. Student permits are sold at Parking Services, Student Account Services and the SDSU Bookstore. Weekly and monthly permits are also available at Parking Services and Student Account Services.


Parking spaces are painted white and designated SP. SP Area permits have a number after the SP (for example, SP 200). These permits are valid only in the special permit area listed on the permit. These permits may only be obtained from the Parking Office for the department assigned to that area. SP permits are free of charge and must be displayed with a current SDSU permit when being used by a university employee. Students do not qualify for SP permits.


These permits are valid in Service/Vendor (S/V) areas for one hour at a time and then in F/S, Student areas for the remainder of the day. Short-term business permits may be purchased at the Parking Information Kiosk for a daily rate of $5 with a valid business identification. Short-term and long-term business permits may be purchased at the Parking Services for a weekly rate of $11 or monthly rate of $44 with a valid business identification.


Parking spaces are painted yellow and are designated S/V. These permits are valid in S/V only. S/V permits are not valid in F/S or Student areas unless all S/V spaces are being utilized. S/V permits are only valid for the time and date listed. Long-term S/V permits must be displayed with a current SDSU permit. This permit is free of charge.

AFTER HOURS (SP or S/V areas only)

These permits are issued by the Parking Office for the department assigned to that area and are usually valid from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. on weekdays and all hours during weekends. The permit is valid only during the hours and in the area specified on the permit. This permit must be requested in writing from the department who is assigned the SP area and approved by Parking Services; it is free and must be displayed with a current paid SDSU permit.


Overnight lots require a current SDSU student permit to be displayed with an overnight parking permit for overnight parking 7 days a week. You may purchase an overnight permit at Parking Services, Student Account Services or from a pay permit machine in PS 4, 5, and 6 and the CSL drive through. Overnight parking is restricted to specified lots; read signs carefully.

CSU SAN MARCOS (Faculty/Staff Permits Only)

These permits, purchased at CSU San Marcos, are valid at SDSU if they are current and the vehicle is parked in the correct lot as designated on the permit.


Q8: Contact Information & Resources?

A: Contact Parking Services at the address below.

Parking & Support Services
SDSU Police Department
Office location: Public Safety Building
Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Telephone: 619-594-6671  FAX: 619-594-1015


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