Chief's Message

Chief Mays

Serving as your chief of police comes with significant responsibility that requires thoughtful leadership. That responsibility is two fold.

First, a large part of that responsibility includes actively working to ensure the safety of each member of the community through appropriately deploying resources and efforts to decrease and address crime.

Second, it includes partnering with the community and developing a relationship that is conducive to a safe and honest exchange about perceptions of policing specific to respective community groups.

I am leading the police department with a commitment toward building effective community relationships. This means relationships where trust exists as a byproduct of our genuine partnership and established work products.

This requires an understanding that police departments only create effective, impactful policing plans after partnering with the community, not before.

These partnerships can often address potential concerns before they evolve into real problems. This forward thinking results in far more effective relationships and strategies.

I welcome your input and feedback on ways we can better improve our police-community collaborations and relationships.