Property & Evidence Unit

The Property & Evidence Unit is responsible for securing all property that is obtained by the University Police Department. Such property includes evidence from a crime, firearms and weapons, narcotics and drugs, prisoner personal belongings and lost/found items. Retrieved property is assigned a tag number, secured and tracked in a locked and secured environment. 

Should you require release of your property, you must make an appointment by calling (619) 594-1577 or emailing [email protected]. Property will only be released Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Retrieve my Lost and Found Items

UPD accepts passports, wallets with credit cards, school/state/government issued IDs, checks, cash and other personal documents such as social security cards, tax paperwork, immunization cards, birth certificates and any other items that could be used in identity theft.

Approximately once per week, UPD collects these items from the following lost and found locations: ASU (Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union), Aztec Recreation Center, Love Library and Aztec Shops. Loose Red IDs, not inside of wallets, from these locations are taken to the SDSU Card Office.

If you have lost any of the items above, please contact the Property and Evidence desk at 619-594-1577 to inquire. An appointment is required for property returns and releases.

All other lost and found items may be stored at one of the many campus lost and found locations shown below. 

Retrieve my Property/Evidence after I was arrested

An appointment is required for returns of property held in safekeeping, including items seized/stored during an arrest. Please contact the Property & Evidence desk at 619-594-1577 to arrange an appointment.

Retrieve my Property held in Safekeeping, including impounded Bicycles

An appointment is required for returns of property held in safekeeping. Please contact the Property & Evidence desk at 619-594-1577 to arrange an appointment.

Lost and Found Keys

Lost and Found key rings with campus keys are turned over to Key Issue at 619-594-1992. Key rings with only personal keys such as car, home, locks and mailboxes are directed to the ASU (Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union) Info Desk/Lost and Found at 619-594-6551.

Contact Information for Other Campus Lost and Founds

ASU (Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union) Information Desk/Main Lost and Found at 619-594-6551. They accept cell phones, thumb drives, laptops, backpacks, schoolbooks, sunglasses and other personal items.

Aztec Recreation Center
Dial 619-594-1728

Aztec Shops – All restaurants, Starbucks, markets at East and West Commons and Bookstore.
Dial 619-594-7611

Love Library Circulation Desk
Dial 619-594-6793

MTS - Items lost on MTS buses/trolleys
Dial 619-234-1060, Select #1

SDPD - Items lost on City property/streets
Dial 619-531-2866

SDSU Card Office (For Red IDs only)
Dial 619-594-6800

Viejas Arena (Only items lost during events)
Dial 619-594-0234

If you know the building in which you may have lost your item, try the department office(s) in that building. For example, Biology Department Office, Engineering Department Office or the Art Department Office. Also, check the Residence Hall front desks for items found within the halls or items that may have been turned into one of their front desks.