During emergencies, dial 9-1-1 or use any emergency blue light duress phone located throughout campus. 

Text to 9-1-1 is available in San Diego County. Individuals should text if they are:  

  • deaf or hard of hearing, non-verbal or have difficulty speaking;
  • experiencing a situation where it is unsafe to call 9-1-1 for help; or
  • in a medical emergency and cannot speak on the phone.
619-594-1991 Email: [email protected]
Non-Emergency/General Information
Police Non-Emergency 619-594-1991
Lobby Front Desk - General Information 619-594-3193
Dispatch Fax 619-594-8611
Gregory Murphy  619-594-1137 Interim Chief of Police
Jessalyn Michaels  619-594-1625 Executive Assistant
Hank Turner 619-594-3877 Assistant Chief  
Chanin Harrison 619-594-6648 Associate Director of Police Services
Greg Robertson 619-594-0807 Lieutenant
Ruben Villegas 619-594-0959 Lieutenant
Eric Burris  619-594-0667 Lieutenant
Lisa Peumsang 619-594-4414

Director of Emergency Management

Raquel Herriott 619-594-1341 Public Information Officer 
Office 619-594-1986
Records Fax 619-594-8208
Office 619-594-1577
Fax 619-594-8208
Office 619-594-3424
Abasolo, J.  Police Officer 
Arnlod, C. Police Officer
Barrios, J. Corporal
Becerra, J. Police Officer
Brasel, J. Sergeant 
Burris, E. Lieutenant
Calvert, A. Police Officer
Cougnet, C. Police Officer 
Cruz, N. Sergeant
Dupree, P. Sergeant
Flores, R. Police Officer
Fox, M. Training Specialist
Halle, U.  Police Officer 
Hastings, M.  Special Projects 
Hogan, C. Police Officer
Jacobsen, C. Threat Assessment
Kleopa, N.  Police Officer 
Kresher, T.  Detective
Lamaku, D. Police Officer
Lopez, A.  Police Officer 
Lopez, S.  Police Officer
McClain, P. Sergeant 
McMullen, P.  Police Officer 
Murphy, G. Interim Chief 
Park, C. Corporal
Perez, J.  Police Officer 
Peterson, M. Corporal
Reichardt, P.  Police Officer 
Reyes, D.  Police Officer 
Rocha, J.  Police Officer 
Roberston, G. Lieutenant
Sayre, S. Police Officer
Sieckman, J. Sergeant
Steckler, T.  Police Officer 
Troehler, M. Police Officer
Turner, H.  Captain 
Villegas, R. Lieutenant
Detective Sieckman 619-594-1983
Detective Steckler  619-594-1987
Detective Kresher 619-594-1783
Fax 619-594-5795
Lieutenant Robertson 619-594-8475
Sergeant Dupree 619-594-3914
 Cano Murphy, I.                          619-594-4230