Records Unit

Records Unit

Our Records Unit maintains all Department documents, reports, subpoenas, citations, and statistical information and data.  The Records Unit distributes certain reports to the public and to various law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, DOJ, and the Chancellor’s Office. The Records Unit houses files pertaining to arrests, incidents, and accidents.  The Records Unit adheres to strict standards of confidentiality. Nothing about a report is discussed over the telephone. 


To obtain police records, please complete a Report Request Application Form or request a copy at the UPD front desk. A $10 processing fee in the form of cash, check or credit card must be submitted to a cashier at the Parking Services and Key Issue window prior to submitting the application.

Bring your request, payment receipt, and identification to the front desk of the police department lobby. The Report Request Application Form may also be submitted via mail, along with a $10 check or money order, payable to University Police. If you choose to mail your request, you must have it notarized so we can verify your identity. A response will be mailed to you within 10-days.

You may call the UPD Police Records Unit at 619-594-1986 to check the status of your report request and to verify if the report qualifies for release. However, please allow 10-days for your request to be researched and mailed. You must be an “involved party” or a parent of a minor child in order to obtain a copy of a police report or traffic accident report. An “involved party” includes the victim, reporting party, party mentioned, driver, registered owner, etc.  If the case involves an arrest, the report may not be releasable until the case has been adjudicated. You will be required to present identification to verify you are an “involved party.”

Your report may have been redacted (blacked out) or have missing pages. Redactions are specifically required by law and policy, which we are unable to circumvent. Typically, property crimes will only indicate the damaged property, lost or stolen articles and the value of the loss for insurance company purposes.  The investigative portion of the report is not released in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.


Patrick Armijo, Records Supervisor
[email protected]