Social Work Unit

The University Police Department's Social Work Unit includes the Psychiatric Crisis Assessment Support Team (P-CAST) and Homeless Outreach.

Psychiatric Crisis Assessment Support Team (P-CAST)  

The purpose of P-CAST is to respond to mental health crisis on campus via a secondary co-respondent model (campus police and clinician) to facilitate appropriate psychiatric response, mitigate law enforcement involvement, provide immediate interventions and resources to students/persons in need of mental health and/or behavioral health support.

The P-CAST will provide on-site assessments, brief interventions, and consultation to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis on campus. Immediate crisis response by P-CAST is expected to reduce the need for emergency department transports and minimize police involvement and time spent on non-violent situations. 

UPD Homeless Outreach 

The purpose of UPD homeless outreach is to engage the homeless community on campus by providing street outreach to individuals who frequent or live on campus and connect them to county resources. Outreach efforts will be delivered with respect, empathy and compassion with the hope of improving the quality of life for those willing to participate in our efforts.