Clery Geography

The Clery Act requires institutions to disclose statistics for reported Clery Act crimes that occur 1. On-campus 2. On public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus, and 3. In or on non-campus buildings or property the institution owns or controls. (i.e., rents, leases, or has a written agreement for use of the property). 

Definition of Terms

The institution's campus. Please reference SDSU's interactive campus map for a visual.
The public property that immediately borders and is accessible from the campus. 
Non-campus properties are those that are not contiguous to the campus but are frequently used by students for the educational purposes of the institution. Non-campus does not mean "off-campus," instead, it refers to specific properties owned or controlled by the campus or by a student organization officially recognized by the campus. Non-campus does not automatically refer to all surrounding neighborhoods of a college campus, nor does it include all properties that students happen to rent. Non-campus geography can mean student trips if it meets the criteria for Classifying Student Trips.