Access Control/Key Issue

Access Control/Key Issue

Please note: 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Access Control & Key Issue Office is currently working at a reduced schedule. Effective Monday, April 12th, 2021, our office will be operational for in-person transactions from 9:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Thursday only. If you are unable to visit us during those days or need assistance with general questions or requests, please contact us at [email protected].

All key forms are now digital and can be found in Adobe Sign under Workflows:

  • UPD- Authorization for Campus Access
  • UPD- Authorization for Smart Classroom Podium Access
  • UPD- Authorization to Renew Campus Access
  • UPD- Authorized Signer for Campus Access

Access Control / Key Issue: 

Access Control is operated by the University Police Department's Access Control Coordinator, Ashley Jones. Access Control issues, monitors and audits all hard keys and access control cards issued on campus. The coordinator is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the access control system used to track access control enabled doors on campus, as well as various types of alarms. Another main function of Access Control is coordinating door schedules with various campus departments and auxiliaries.

The Access Control Coordinator works closely, and in conjunction, with the Communications Center under the Communications Center Manager. The Communications Center staff assist the coordinator with monitoring the Access Control system 24 hours a day. Any alarms or malfunctions are reported to the Access Control Coordinator, and police officers will respond as appropriate to the various types of alarms reported into the system.


(619) 594-1992


Office is closed; email [email protected] for inquiries. 

Keys and Swipe Access

There are two types of access control at SDSU: keys and swipe card access. The keys issued by Key Issue are for academic buildings, not for housing or the campus auxiliaries. In many instances faculty, staff and students may need a mixture of both to perform their responsibilities and academic requirements.

Key Issue

In order for faculty, staff and students to obtain keys, the department must complete the UPD-Authorization for Campus Access workflow in Adobe Sign. Once processed, the recipient will receive an email indicating the key is ready for pick up and must present a Red ID at the service window.

The UPD- Authorization for Campus Access must be signed by the department authorized signer on file with Access Control. Signers may be appointed using the UPD- Authorized Signer for Campus Access Requests workflow in Adobe Sign. The Access Control System Analyst annually audits authorized signers, and the department may update authorized signer information at any time.

The UPD-Authorization for Smart Classroom Podium Access workflow in Adobe Sign should be completed by the department when an individual needs access to the podium found in smart classrooms. This form requires additional authorization and training from Instructional Technology Services.

Swipe Access

Swipe access for access control enabled doors is added to your SDSU card. If you only need swipe access, and no physical keys, the department’s authorized signer may request the access via email to Key Issue. Should you need both keys and swipe access, you will need to go in person to Key Issue.

Lost/Stolen Keys

Report all lost/stolen keys to Key Issue. To replace lost/stolen keys, you will need to present your SDSU card and a new Key Issue Authorization Form completed and signed by the authorized signer.

There is a $50 charge per lost key. Students are responsible for all lost key fees.The department is responsible for all keys lost by faculty, staff, TAs and GAs.

Broken Keys

Broken keys should be returned to Key Issue. Should part of the key break inside the cylinder, contact Facilities Services immediately at 619-594-4754. To replace broken keys, you will need to present your SDSU card and a new Key Issue Authorization Form completed and signed by the authorized signer.

Return and Renewal

Students must return or renew their keys each semester or academic year by the designated return date. Departments may renew student keys by completing the UPD- Authorization to Renew Campus Access workflow in Adobe Sign. If not returned or renewed on time, a late fee will be assessed. Registration holds will be placed on students who fail to pay this fee.

Faculty and staff are required to return all keys upon separation from the university or if they move to a different department. TAs and GAs are required to return all keys by their contract end date, provided a copy has been presented to our office. Departments will be charged for any keys not returned by faculty, staff, TAs or GAs. There is a drop box and envelopes located outside of Key Issue for returns after hours.

Key Issuance and Control Policy