Once our officers successfully complete a POST certified police academy, they are advanced to our field-training program.  This means they are paired with a field-training officer (FTO) that trains and evaluates the trainee officer on relevant topics and learning domains.  Once the trainee officer demonstrates proficiency in successfully carrying out the duties of a police officer, they are released from training and function as a solo officer assigned to a patrol team. 

Additionally, our patrol officers receive specialized training in several core areas.  They attend 40-hour blocks of instruction that include DUI investigations, traffic accident investigations, investigating persons under the influence of controlled substances, sexual assault investigations, domestic violence situations, and interview and interrogation techniques.   

Ensuring our officers are responsive to our varied community needs is a top priority.  Therefore, other ongoing training includes providing our officers with non-traditional training through our community partnerships, including the Women’s Resource Center, the Center for Intercultural Relations, Student Affairs, the Center for Community Solutions, and the Pride Center.