Patrol Division

Community Service Officer Program

Community Service Officers (CSOs) are SDSU students, in good academic standing, who work for the police department as civilian employees. 

The University Police Department offers currently employed CSOs the opportunity to partake in the law enforcement training program. 

Law Enforcement CSO Training Program

The University Police Department offers currently employed Community Service Officers (CSO’s) the opportunity to partake in the law enforcement training program. The CSOs who wish to take advantage of this opportunity learn about law enforcement first-hand. Students are exposed to a variety of learning opportunities. They attend lectures where they learn about criminal law and procedures from the penal and vehicle codes, case law and court practices, drug violations and addiction, prisoner processing and searches, police tactics and other law enforcement procedures. The students tour the San Diego County Jail, Crime Lab, and partake in scenario-based exercises and training. The CSOs who attend this training then ride with patrol officers and utilize what they learn through the program in order to best assist police officers in the field. The goal of the program is to ready those students interested in careers in law enforcement through practical learning exercises and experiences.

Assigned Duties for CSO’s:

  • Conduct regular inspections of all university property, particularly parking areas, grounds and buildings
  • Enforce parking and permit regulations
  • Lock/unlock university buildings/facilities
  • Observe and report suspicious activity, hazardous conditions and/or criminal violations
  • Provide security services for campus organizations and/or functions
  • Give directions and other types of aid to the campus community
  • Staff the Parking Information Kiosk
  • Perform enforcement, administrative, security and/or investigative functions as directed
  • Bike patrol