Crime Prevention Efforts and Programs

The police department makes it a priority to provide on-going educational programs and presentations to the campus community. Presentations and brochures emphasize general personal safety, workplace violence, sexual assault, property and auto theft, drug and alcohol awareness, bicycle safety, domestic violence and identity theft presentations to students, faculty and staff.

We provide yearly safety training to all housing resident advisors.  The training introduces Police procedures and expectations for handling crimes in progress, hazardous conditions, medical aids, sexual assaults, drug identification and protocols for handling fire alarms.

You are encouraged to make use of these valuable safety programs. Our police officers would much rather meet you in one of our prevention programs than take a crime report from you regarding an incident that might have been prevented.  We are dedicated to educating the campus community about personal crime prevention strategies to reduce the likelihood of crime on and off campus.


Safety Tips

  • Walk with friends and known classmates
  • Use busier, well-lit walkways when traveling at night
  • Walk confidently and with purpose
  • Avoid listening to music when walking alone – Loud music can make you less able to sense danger
  • If you must use earbuds, use subdued colors that don’t draw a lot of attention
  • Think about your safety everywhere you go. Avoid situations that could put you in danger
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, leave the area and notify police
  • If you feel you are being followed, move to a well-lit area, get the attention of other people, and notify the police
  • Be alert to your surroundings and notify the police if something is unsafe
  • Keep valuable items out of sight while in public
  • Don’t carry important identifying information, such as your passport or social security card on you unless you plan to utilize them
  • When not using your phone, store it out of sight. Avoid placing your phone in pockets, where the phone is still clearly visible.
  • When using your phone, remember to pay attention to your surroundings
  • Avoid drinking to the point of intoxication
  • Be familiar with where emergency blue light phones are located around campus
  • Know multiple way to get to and leave frequently visited areas of campus
  • E-mail the UPD Community Resource Officer to receive information about, and to enroll in, a Personal Safety and Awareness workshop
  • Don’t bring strangers to university sanctioned events with you as your guest. These events are designed for students and their friends, not members of the general public. If the stranger has a friend at the event, their friend can invite them as their guest
  • Don’t advertise parties or gatherings on public websites or social media where the general public can access information about the event
  • Don’t allow strangers to enter events or parties if no one at the event knows them
  • Place all valuables in a secure, out of sight location before any event in which you invite people into your home. If your bedroom door has a key, lock the room before the event and check to verify it is still locked throughout the event
  • At home or in the Residence Halls, always keep your doors and windows locked, especially when you are not home or asleep.
  • Get to know your neighbors, and watch out for each other
  • Secure valuables in out of sight locations
  • Fill out the Personal Property Inventory Form and e-mail a copy to yourself. E-mailing the form to yourself ensures that you will always have access to a copy
  • In residence halls, don’t give floor mates access to your room when you or your roommates are not there
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your vehicle
  • If items must be left in the vehicle, secure the items out of sight before arriving on campus
  • Park in busier areas of parking facilities
  • Don’t leave clothing, bags, or boxes in your vehicle. Criminals may break into the vehicle simply hoping there are valuables in these items
  • Verify the person’s identity by checking social media prior to arriving for the transaction. If they aren’t willing to give you their social media information, it is possible they could be trying to hide their identity
  • Conduct the sale or purchase in a well-lit, busy public area
  • Consider having the other party meet you at one of the University Police Department facilities and conduct the sale or purchase in front of or in the lobby. The UPD station is located at 5350 55th St and the Substation is located at 6001 Lindo Paseo, right next to Starbucks
  • For transactions of higher value items, bring a friend. Often times there can be additional safety in numbers